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General MYC Pictures

Wise Rig in use Photos ©Paul Gouldstone(first 12) & Russell Hawkins (last 3)
Wise Rig arival at MYC (from lorry to assembled) Photos ©Trevor Barry
Slipway Rebuild Photos ©Graham Candlish & John Ellerington
Boat Launching 20 Photos ©Jeanette Harrisson
Mooring Servicing 121 Photos ©Mike Gurney
Mooring Servicing Video 1 ©Mike Gurney
Mooring Servicing Video 2 ©Mike Gurney
Mooring Servicing Video 3 ©Mike Gurney
Mooring Servicing Video 4 ©Mike Gurney
Mooring Servicing Video 5 ©Mike Gurney
Mooring Servicing Video 6 ©Mike Gurney
Graham and Dairne MYC photos 61 Photos ©Graham Rabbitts
Jan and Ray in the snow 7 Photos ©Ray Dear
Marchwood Flood February 2008 38 Photos ©Graham Rabbitts and James Yarrow

Sailing Pictures

MYC Regatta 2014 191 Photos ©David Pratt
A Cruise to Northern Norway (2011) 168 Photos ©Jim Yarrow
Minnow Sailing on 21 June 2011 20 Photos ©Jeanette Harrison
Wednesday Evening Racing Series 1 Race 1 2011 42 Photos ©Stephen Harrison
MYC Mini-cruise 2011 36 Photos ©Graham Rabbitts
A Cruise to Norway (2010) 152 Photos ©Jim Yarrow
Various MYC Sailing/Racing Pictures 2006-2009 28 Photos ©Mike&Lisa Lewry
Wednesday Evening Racing 6 Photos ©Frank Absalom

Social Event Pictures

Casino Night 2011 45 Photos ©Stephen Harrison
New Years Eve 2010 45 Photos ©Stephen Harrison
Prize Giving 2010 (Heros & Villains) 155 Photos ©Martin Whapshott