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Moorings Frequently asked Questions

Is my boat suitable for the club moorings?
If your boat is less than 40' as measured overall by the club we should be able to accommodate you when a suitable mooring becomes available. The moorings are not suitable for multihulls.

How do I apply for a mooring?
To get a permanent mooring at the club you first need to become a full member which takes a year of probationary membership.
Probationary members can apply for a temporary mooring during this first year as moorings are sometimes available.

How long is the waiting list?
The waiting list varies and is based on the length of time you have been a member and your boat size. Smaller boats being easier to accommodate. We sometimes manage to provide moorings in the probationary year of joining the club.

Who do I contact to talk about moorings?
Either contact the Bosun or a member of the mooring committee.

Do I need a tender? Yes, we provide space for one tender per mooring allocation.

What about a mooring strop?
The mooring strop is the boat owners responsibility, but the club can provide them along with pickup buoys and shackles at a very reasonable price. We can also fit and retrieve them.

Many thanks to Mike Gurney for this page.