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To have your boat added to this page please email the photo to "MYC Xtra/Forum Webmaster" using the Contact page.
Please include your boats name and type, and your name. Idealy photos should be sized about 800*600 pixels.

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Asuno  (Jeaneau Sun Oddyssey 37)  Frank and Angela Absalom

Aswas  (Westerly Fulmar)   Roy Dowman

Belle Eclaircie   (Westerly Pentland circa 1979)   Brendan, Fran & Matthew Rose

Blue Mattise   (Southerly 115)   Dave Taylor

Bolero  (Bolero 25 - quarter tonner by David Thomas)   Mike and Lisa Lewry

Coriander  (Camper & Nicholson 35)   Adrian & Lesley Turner

Firenze  (Westerly Centaur)   Roger Byatt

Freetrader of Hamble (Jeanneau Sun Fizz)   David and Penny Gange

Girl Friday   Paul Goulstone and Helen Percy

Gwennol  (Westerly Griffon II)   Jon and Jeanette Cote

Kinvara  (Golden Hind 26)   Ray & Terri Cox

Liberty   (Beneteau Oceanis 350)  Richard Aubry and Colin Firth

Mad Fish  (Moody 38)   Russell and Emma Hawkins

Malindi  (Westerly Renown)   Barry and June Parker

Maybee 4  (Sunfast 35)   Tim and Lucy Barlow

Nepenthe   Brian and Flo Sexton

Passager  (Norske 35 Gaff Cutter)  Mike and Janet Gurney

St Brigid  (Rival 32)   Andrew and Tanya Gardener

Scare  (Sigma 36)  Justin Donnan and Amanda Selman

Shadowfax  (Verl 33)  Ian and Sally Campbell

Valerie  (Rival 32)   Neil Parsloe and Siobhan Ladyman

Valsa  (Westerly Fulmar)   Paul and Valda Wheeler-Osman

Widgeon  (Victoria 30)   Tim and Dee Clarke

Windhover  (Morgan Giles Gaff Ketch, Built 1912)   Eddie Stephens and Simon Rowden