Work Party Safety & F.A.Q. Work Party Duties

Work Party Safety and F.A.Q


Jobs depend on weather and available expertise. The co-ordinator provides continuity between work parties.

Members share considerable expertise. Ask for advice if you are not confident about what you are doing.

If necessary, the Co-ordinator can help find a job that is better suited to you.

Make a plan, before you start! Think of what could go wrong and take care for yourself and others who might be affected.

Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. If you don't have it for maintaining your boat, there is some in the Maintenance Hut for loan. Robust footwear is a minimum requirement. Eye protection should be worn for many tasks, and dust masks (respirators) may be needed. Hard hats are available.

Don't attempt anything which is beyond your ability. If in doubt, ask.

Where necessary, (eg angle grinders, impact tools) ensure a safe area around your workplace.

The Maintenance Hut contains selected guidance for Working at Height, Manual Handling, and Use of Tools. Please read it.

Avoid improvisations - use the proper kit supplied by the Club, in the correct way.

Check all equipment including ladders and scaffolds, before it is used.

Use of power tools requires special care and should be discussed with the Co-ordinator. Personal tools, and the consequence of their use, remains the responsibility of the owner.

Work tidily to avoid slips, trips and falls.

Children on Work Parties

MYC is a family-oriented club and, while the participation of families with children in work parties is usually welcome, please be aware that the inclusion of children on work parties is ultimately at the discretion of the work party leader.

Parents/guardians remain responsible for their children at all times and must also take note of the yellow notices on the outside of the boat park walls, alerting them to the dangers of a working boat yard.


Work Party Postponement due to Bad Weather

Work Party Information for Probationary Members

Do I have to do work parties?
Yes, every voting and probationary member must participate in work parties each year unless he/she provides personal service to the club in some other way. This would be an activity that is clearly identifiable and can be verified by the General Committee or a subcommittee e.g. doing bar shifts. Currently (2018), members will be asked to attend at least two work parties per year

Is anyone exempt from doing work parties for their personal service?
Yes, members who have reached the age of 70 can claim age exemption although many continue to offer to do work parties, for which we are most grateful. Members suffering ongoing ill-health or injury may also be exempted with the agreement of the Maintenance Committee. If you believe that you should be excused from work parties, please let me know as soon as possible

Are there any other options?
Yes. You can opt to pay the waiver fee of £200.001 per member (2 x £2001 for 2 adults in a family membership) in lieu of contributing work parties (or other personal service), which allows the club to buy in appropriate expertise and resource to replace that your physical contribution. However, unless exempt, failure to complete your work party duty (or other service) or to pay the waiver fee, will render you liable to a fine of £3001 per member - and yes, this does happen

1. Charges current in 2018 but subject to change

I’m in a family membership, so how many work parties does that mean?
Currently four. All voting members, which means both adults in a family membership, are required to provide personal service to the club. If neither adult contributes personal service in any other way, then each will be required to do two work parties; if one adult already contributes other personal service (e.g. does bar shifts) but the other doesn’t, then the first adult would be exempt, however the second adult will still expected to do work parties as requested

We have child (or elder) care responsibilities so how do we manage that?
In this situation, either the two adults can do their work parties on different dates, or one adult in a family membership can do work parties on behalf of their partner - please contact if this applies to you

I have already done one work party so why am I being called up again?
There is no minimum or maximum limit set on how much personal service a member should render to the club during each year, so you may be called up to do more, depending on the number and scale of jobs to be done

Will I get a reminder about doing my work party?
The names of members called-up for each work party will be published at least one month in advance in the Pennant, on the Clubroom noticeboard, on the Maintenance\Work Party Duties page of the MYC Xtra website and also on each member's My Account page of MYC Xtra. It is each member's responsibility to note the date and create his/her own reminder to attend. Email reminders are usually sent on the Monday before the work party, with phone calls/texts for those members without email

What type of work will I be asked to do?
The jobs are many and varied - fortunately we don't do concreting every week! There will be scheduled and one-off jobs, however plans do change at short notice due to weather or urgent situations that arise Work party leaders do try to match the jobs for the week to the members on the work party, so do not worry that you will be asked to do something that is beyond your strength or skill set. You can read the list of jobs assigned to your work party on the Maintenance\Work Party Duties page of the MYC Xtra website. If you see a job you can tackle, please volunteer your services to your work party leader and feel free to bring appropriate tools.

What do I need to wear and bring?
Please wear old clothes and stout boots - absolutely not trainers because of sharp objects in the yard! Do bring old waterproofs if it looks damp: work parties still go ahead in the rain (and snow). Big gardening gloves are often useful too. It isn't usually necessary to bring tools, unless you have been contacted specifically because you have expertise in a job to be tackled

What if the weather is really bad?
In the event of extreme weather, the work party leader may decide to postpone the work party because either he is not able to travel himself or conditions at the club are unsuitable for a work party to go ahead. If this happens, either he or Work Party Admin (Denise Fenwick) will endeavour to phone you about the postponement - obviously, this is likely to be late on during the week. All members remain responsible for their own safety and no member should put themselves at risk to get to the club. For more details, please click the link for the item called “Work Party Postponement Due to Bad Weather” on this page at the top of the F.A.Q's.

What if I can't come on the date you have assigned to me?
Please contact me as soon as you realise you cannot attend on the date specified so that we can arrange another date. I do try to be as accommodating as possible and I take requests so, if you know you are going to be in New Zealand from December to February, please contact me now to arrange a convenient date before you go! Please don't just not turn up on the day: it is discourteous to the leader and other members in the work party and makes it very hard for the work party leader to complete the jobs for which s/he has planned and bought materials

What time does a work party start and where do I go?
Work parties start at 09:00 sharp, so please arrive by 08:55 so that you are ready for the briefing. Come to the Maintenance Store which is in the Receiving Room - go right through Magazine A to the big green doors at the back. There will be a coffee break around 11:00 and the work party will be finished by 14:00. Please remember to sign the attendance sheet when you arrive and leave - this is the record of your contribution of personal service

How do I contact you with a query?
Phone: Denise Fenwick on 07769-317858 or click here to send me an email

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Many thanks to Denise Fenwick for the contents of this page.