Boat Park

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Boat Park Charges

Winter Lay-Up£13.07 per ft
Summer Lay-Up, first year£178.50
Summer Lay-Up, second year£357.00
Summer Lay-Up, third year£535.50
Short Stay in the Boat Park£61.00 for the first 72 hours, £12 per day thereafter
Unload/Load and Launch£61.00 minimum
Lift and Hold in Slings£32.00
Pressure Washer Use£00.00
Tender or Dinghy storage£48.00 one tender free of charge for mooring holders
Outboard store entry fee£11.00
Outboard store key£11.00
Outboard store annual fee£18.00

Winter Lay-Up applies from 1st October to 30th June.
Summer Lay-Up applies from 1st July to 30th September.
Short Stays in the Boat Park are only permitted when there is sufficient room.