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Looking to crew

Post by DavidWatts1 » Mon Jul 29, 2013 11:03 am

: To anyone looking for crew.

I have been a member at Marchwood since September 2003.

My experience has been day sailing in Southampton Water and the Solent.

Due to a mild stroke, from which I am fully recovered, in early 2011 and my wife's deteriorating health I have not sailed for the last two years and my boat has been laid up. I intend to put it back on the water next year.

My wife recently died and I am now in a position to sail again.

I am looking for opportunities to sail as crew.

I will be generally available on Fridays and Saturdays initially.

If anyone can help my phone numbers are 01296 623009 & 07790006818. My e-mail address is dwmwatts@uwclub.net.

David Watts

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